Smile Makeover (Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry) in Seattle, WA

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What ARe Smile Makeovers?

During your lifetime, you may have experienced accidents, dental issues, and other difficulties that made your smile less than ideal. A smile makeover at Dental@888 is a custom treatment plan of restorative and cosmetic procedures that can improve the appearance of your teeth and your overall oral health. A smile makeover could include teeth whitening, cosmetic veneers, straightening, cosmetic bonding, and replacing old metal fillings with composite resin. Your smile makeover could also include dental restorations, like crowns or bridges, to fill in missing teeth. If you want to know more about improving your smile so it's healthy and beautiful, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hal Kussick to discuss your smile design.

What Are the Benefits of A Smile Makeover?

At Dental@888, we help Seattle, WA individuals look and feel their best. Our smile makeover plan provides individuals with several exciting advantages, such as:

  • Boosting your confidence in regard to the appearance of your smile
  • Reducing factors that result in trouble with chewing or closing your jaw
  • Whitening and aligning your teeth for a beautiful, seamless effect
  • An effective technique to have multiple procedures jointly or relatively close to one another

Am I A Candidate for A Smile Makeover?

If you're considering a smile makeover, Dental@888 offers personalized plans combining restorative and cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile's appearance and health. Candidates typically seek improvements like teeth whitening, veneers, or replacing old metal fillings and need to be free of baby teeth. A customized smile makeover can address multiple dental concerns, creating a healthier, more attractive smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kussick today to explore your options and achieve the smile you've always wanted.

What Should I expect During My smile makeover?

Every smile makeover is customized with smile design techniques so Dr. Kussick can discuss what to expect throughout your treatment, including the number of appointments you may require. He will help you plan your visit(s) to complete each of your smile makeover treatments. For comfort, we may use local anesthesia before some procedures; additionally, we can provide sedation techniques if you have dental fears or anxieties. During your smile makeover, Dr. Kussick, along with his excellent team, can answer any questions and help you feel more comfortable. To help you get the smile you deserve, our team will work within your budget and determine if your insurance can cover any of the costs.

Smile Makeover FAQ

Do you have to be a certain age to get a smile makeover?
In most cases, candidates do not have to be a certain age to receive cosmetic dentistry services. However, it is important that you do not have any more baby teeth when receiving cosmetic dentistry services, as this could compromise your results if teeth are lost after your procedure. If your teen is seeking cosmetic dentistry services, our team will work with you to ensure that you're following the America Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's recommended guidelines.

What procedures are most often included in a smile makeover?
The best part of a complete dental makeover is that it is based on your unique needs and goals. Some of the popular procedures that many patients look into include veneers, porcelain, teeth whitening, and bonding and contouring.

How many treatments can I receive?
While there are no limits as to how many treatments you can receive during your smile makeover, the procedures selected will depend on your overall goals. If you are seeking a dental makeover near you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation so we can take the next step in helping you meet your smile goals!

Custom Smile Makeovers

Let Dental@888 help you get a smile you'll like showing off to the world with a custom smile makeover. During your initial consultation with Dr. Hal Kussick, he will explore the restorative and cosmetic dental procedures that fit your aesthetic goals. Please contact our Seattle, WA office to plan your smile makeover appointment.

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