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About Fluoride Treatments

Usually an element in general oral health programs, fluoride is a beneficial mineral present in select foods and beverages. However, it may also be applied directly onto the teeth to provide many oral advantages. Fluoride can safeguard from decay by making the enamel to become less vulnerable to bacteria. Fluoride can also strengthen the tooth's structure to help reduce the first phases of cavities. Local areas that add fluoride to water supplies usually see reduced cases of cavities. In fact, the American Dental Association has outlined the advantages of fluoride. At [email protected], we happily offer regular fluoride services for individuals of all ages. To learn more on how fluoride could enhance your dental health, schedule a visit with our Seattle, WA dentist, Dr. Hal Kussick.

What to expect with Fluoride treatments

Patients of all ages may be great candidates for topical fluoride treatments. This mineral helps protect against decay in younger patients with baby teeth or adults who are less resilient to cavities.

[email protected] uses different fluoride options and flavors to ensure that these treatments are comfortable for everyone. Following a thorough cleaning and annual dental exam, we often recommend fluoride applications biannually. After selecting your fluoride flavor, our team will prepare the fluoride as a varnish, foam, gel, or liquid. The treatment is left on the enamel for under five minutes to give the fluoride enough time to penetrate your enamel. To receive the best possible results from your fluoride treatment, you may need to wait no less than 30 minutes before enjoying a snack or beverage.

Fight Tooth Decay WIth Fluoride

Enhance the health of your smile with regular fluoride treatments at [email protected] Dr. Kussick provides fluoride treatments for kids, teens, and adults to rebuild the teeth, protect against cavities, and reduce beginning signs of erosion. Call our office in Seattle, WA to schedule a routine cleaning with a fluoride application or to find out more about this excellent dental care procedure.

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