Charity Work

Dr. Kussick started doing overseas charitable work in 2004. He was inspired to do so after a 2003 visit to Southeast Asia. For his first volunteer trip he took a month off from his downtown Seattle dental practice to work in the dental clinic at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Once he moved to Southeast Asia in 2005 he became a regular volunteer there.

In 2007, in addition to AHC, Dr. Kussick joined the Lake Clinic (TLC), another Cambodian medical charity. He is currently a member of the TLC’s board of directors. TLC serves the isolated villages found on the Tonle’ Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia. TLC’s providers go out on the lake for four days at a time, bringing all of their equipment and supplies on a small live-a-board boat to access these villages. To help raise funds TLC’s efforts, Dr. Kussick rode a bicycle across Australia in 2007

During his five years living in Singapore Dr. Kussick went to Cambodia every three months to work for these organizations. The poverty, and the need for basic health care there is overwhelming. There’s never a shortage of work to be done.