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What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

In cases where periodontal (gum) disease is identified during the initial phase (commonly called gingivitis), it may be corrected with a professional dental cleaning and enhanced oral health practices. However, when the gum condition progresses to the subsequent phase, referred to as periodontitis, Dr. Hal Kussick could perform scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments. SRP is an effective gum disease solution that removes plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria from behind your gums. To carry out this therapy, our highly trained Seattle, WA dental professionals even out the outsides of the tooth roots within periodontal pockets utilizing specially designed dental instruments. SRP will offer a desirable environment for your gumline and undo the advancement of gum disease. If you have indications of periodontitis, schedule an appointment at Dental@888 to learn more about scaling and root planing.

What Are the Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing?

At Dental@888 South Lake Union in Seattle, WA, scaling and root planing is a key oral procedure that not only combats periodontal disease but also supports overall dental wellness. The advantages include:

  • Effectively addresses gum problems by eliminating accumulated plaque and tartar
  • Cuts down on the danger of periodontitis advancement
  • Helps head off tooth loss and bone deterioration
  • Removes tartar and enhances the look of the teeth
  • Can fight halitosis triggered by gum infection
  • Can help decrease tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks
  • Helps avert gum disease-related troubles, like heart disease and diabetes

What Can I Expect During SRP Treatments?

Throughout 1 – 4 appointments, we complete your SRP treatments in several sessions. We will focus on one side of your mouth, then schedule the next appointment. To help you stay relaxed, Dr. Kussick will numb the area with a general anesthetic. We also offer sedation dentistry for patients with dental anxieties. Once ready, our team will use an advanced tooth scaler and handheld tools to precisely eradicate tartar and bacteria from inside your gum pockets. Next, we smooth the tooth root surfaces to minimize the regions where disease-causing bacteria might gather. We can topically deliver antibiotics deep into the gum pockets to improve dental wellness and slow down bacterial growth.

Scaling and Root Planing FAQ

Does scaling and root planing hurt?
A series of appointments are typically needed to gum disease treatments to ensure that each area of the mouth is healed before moving forward with the next treatment. A local anesthetic is often used when performing scaling and root planing. Though you will not feel any pain during your treatment, it is normal to experience some soreness in the days following scaling and root planing.

What are some specific scaling and root planning home care instructions to follow?
Following your treatment, you will be given specific aftercare instructions. However, some general instructions to follow include gently brushing your teeth the first night after your treatment, maintaining a soft food diet for a few days after treatment, and only eating once any anesthesia has worn off. To learn more about scaling and root planing, contact our Seattle, WA office to book a consultation.

Is there anything to avoid after a scaling and root planing treatment?
It is strongly recommended that tobacco products be avoided for at least three days after treatment. Until your gums have completely healed, spicy foods should also be avoided. If any antibiotics have been prescribed, it is important to finish them, even if symptoms have improved.

Stop the Progression of Gum Disease

With advancements in the dental care field, it's easier to address and stop the complications caused by gum disease. At Dental@888, our team performs noninvasive scaling and root planing to treat the final stages of gum disease and help halt its worsening. Schedule a gum evaluation with Dr. Kussick at his Seattle, WA office or ask our staff for more information on SRP.

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