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About Snoring Treatments

Sleep apnea can disrupt your breathing while you sleep. This condition happens when your muscles relax and gravity pulls your airway closed. Often, it causes short-term suffocation, which creates excessive strain on the body and can lead to complications, such as heart problems, memory loss, mood change, weight gain, fatigue, and hypertension. There are lots of snoring or sleep apnea alternatives, varying from airway surgeries, like an adenoidectomy, maxillofacial surgery, and tonsillectomy to the use of a CPAP device. Sometimes people don't feel satisfied with those solutions. In such instances, they may turn to dental choices that help solve the problem. At [email protected] in Seattle, WA, we provide Silent Nite® devices to offer relief. Dr. Hal Kussick proudly offers this simple and dependable appliance to help you sleep more comfortably and reduce severe side effects.

What to expect with snoring treatments

Sleep apnea treatment by Dr. Kussick at [email protected] utilizes what's known as oral appliance therapy called Silent Nite, which can work well for snoring. It's a custom-made device that fits in your mouth at night. Much like a mouth guard for athletics or even a retainer, this type of device guards your teeth against trauma and gently pulls the jaw into a forward position to keep your airway open.

To create this appliance for you, we examine your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airway. You'll also have digital x-rays performed so that Dr. Kussick may create impressions of your teeth for your oral appliance. Once our high-tech dental laboratory creates the apparatus, you will be ready for a fitting. [email protected] will contact you to set up your follow-up appointment. Dr. Kussick will fit and adjust it according to your feedback to make it as comfortable as possible. Prior to your appointment, we'll discuss payment and insurance options for your budget and needs.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

If your breathing was interrupted hundreds of times every day from your own airway being obstructed, you'd seek medical advice right away. But when the exact same thing happens in your sleep, it may be all too simple to ignore as you won't recall it when you awaken. If you believe you may have symptoms of snoring or mild sleep apnea, we urge you to schedule a consultation at [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

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