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What Are Dental Emergencies?

Looking for urgent professional care for a dental emergency is often a stressful, uncomfortable situation. Unforeseen dental emergencies could result from sports accidents, physical altercations, stumbling over a curb, or merely biting into hard foods. Dr. Hal Kussick and his excellent staff provide fast emergency dentistry in an attentive setting. Our emergency dentist can effectively address many urgent dental problems for Seattle, WA patients, including damaged fillings, oral pain, and dislodged or cracked teeth. Oral damage doesn't necessarily trigger oral pain right away; therefore, it's essential to get your teeth examined for any obscured injury. At Dental@888, we always make every effort to provide urgent dental care as promptly as we can.

What Are the Benefits of Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dentistry can provide swift relief of oral emergencies, optimizing a patient's oral health and wellness. Some of the primary benefits of emergency dental care include:

  • Rapid pain relief: Emergency care helps to mitigate pain as soon as possible, offering the comfort you want amid a dental emergency
  • Fast exam and identification: Patients may receive a comprehensive exam and diagnosis of the condition, ensuring proper services are performed without delay
  • Saving your smile: Our dentists could often fix a displaced tooth or provide ideal treatment options to conserve the existing tooth structure
  • Safeguarding against different complications: Emergency dentistry can work to deter problems from worsening and lower the possibility of lasting damage or infection
  • Peace of mind: Our team is accessible beyond regular office hours, making certain you have quick care in the event of an emergency
  • Addressing abscesses: Our team can promptly address these concerns, offering appropriate treatment to wipe out the infection and block its spread

WhEn Should you See an Emergency Dentist?

Adults and children in any age range can encounter a dental emergency. Typical emergencies include chronic oral pain, avulsed or fractured teeth, oral abscesses, loose restorations (crowns and bridges), oral bleeding or swelling, and other oral injuries. Receiving care from an emergency dentist in Seattle, WA, as soon as you can is the safest method to reduce oral discomfort and preserve your dental health.

The requirements for care for urgent dental issues will vary for every patient. During your appointment, Dr. Kussick will thoroughly assess your concerns before determining a diagnosis. You may need digital imaging to check for internal injuries, like your jawbone and tooth roots. Once we determine the severity of your oral problem, we will go over your choices for treatment. At Dental@888, the primary purpose of an urgent dental appointment is to reduce dental discomfort and detect any trauma. We aim to restore the function, aesthetic, and general health of your smile as promptly as possible, though follow-up procedures could be in order.

What Should You Expect After Emergency Dental Care?

After your exam at Dental@888, someone on our highly skilled staff will provide you with tips on the best methods to tend to your oral health regarding your particular dental emergency. Dr. Kussick might issue a prescription for pain medication or for antibiotics to reduce inflammation. When your dental emergency is resolved, we can give you tips on how to safeguard your mouth from future injuries, which could include using a custom nighttime mouth guard. Sticking to good dental hygiene practices is imperative while you heal up. Dr. Kussick will keep track of your healing when you return for your regular dental appointments.

Emergency Dental Care FAQ

What is considered a dental emergency?
A dental emergency is described as an intense pain that is past the point of being tolerable. This also includes any sudden extreme swelling, an injury, or accident. Any dental issue that is different from the norm should be looked at by our emergency dentist in Seattle, WA. Stop by our office to learn more about how we can assist you quickly.

What is done during an emergency dental visit?
When you schedule to see our emergency dentist in Seattle, we will quickly evaluate the area in question. This may involve taking x-rays or having an extensive exam. After the issue has been detected, we will start a treatment plan that will provide relief and healing. Contact our dental office in Seattle for more information.

Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?
If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it is crucial to get it checked by our dentists as soon as possible. It is important to try and find the broken chips or pieces if you're able. Rinse your mouth out and put an ice pack on the area, so you can give yourself some kind of relief while on the way to our office.

Is a severe toothache an emergency?
You know how long you've had this toothache and the type of pain it has caused. It is always better to schedule an appointment to have it looked at, as a severe toothache can lead to additional issues, including trouble concentrating on your daily activities. Come in today and see our emergency dentist in Seattle so we can have the issue looked at, as a toothache could mean a root canal or other procedure is needed in order for you to get relief.

Urgent Dental Care for Your Family

When you or a family member needs urgent dental care, Dental@888 is here to provide assistance. Dr. Kussick and his entire team work fast to relieve tooth pain, treat oral damage, and dispel any anxiety from emergency situations. If you are seeking an emergency dentist in Seattle, WA, please contact our office promptly to schedule an appointment.

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